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Home Learning KS2 Summer 1


Home Learning Tips

Try to keep to a routine

Children need structure, so keeping to a routine will make learning at home much easier and children won't feel like this time away from school is just an extended holiday.  

Try to limit time on tablets, phones and TV

Social distancing means we will be reliant on virtual means of communicating and keeping in touch, but being over-reliant on screen time can have a negative effect on physical and mental health. Keep activities as varied as possible. 

Learning should be fun

Literacy and numeracy are important, but activities don't just have to be English and Maths based. Why not try baking, painting or go in the garden or yard if you have one? 

Read every day

Encourage as much reading as possible, whether it's reading to themselves a parent or a sibling, reading anything counts. 

Don't overdo it

The younger the child the less time they can sit and learn so factor in lots of breaks, creative activities and exercise. 

Prioritise your child's well-being

Learning activities during this time are important, but their physical and mental well-being should be the priority. Children learn best when they feel happy, safe and secure and some may find social distancing and isolation hard to cope with.  

Izzi in Year 6 has been developing her unique Anime style of drawing. 

Noah in Year 6 has been helping to plan the family's VE Day celebrations.

Isaac in Year 4 is learning how to twirl spaghetti.

Ella R in Year 4 has been observing tadpoles.

Izzi G in Year 6 is teaching herself to play the Keyboard and learning all about Charles Darwin's finches.

Noah in Year 6 has been watching a Nature documentary and has written a penguin factfile based on what he's learnt.

Lily in Year 4 has written a story about a a ladybird and decorated it.

Annabelle and Niamh in KS2 surprised their parents by dressing as waitresses, making dinner and serving us drinks last week.

Faye in Year 3 has been doing some work on Fractions.

Noah in Year 3 has been drawing a diagram of the digestive system.

Jakey in Year 3 has been learning about all the different food groups.

Esme in Year 4 has made some VE day bunting.