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Reading Curriculum Intent

At Thorpe Primary School we want to instil in our children a lifelong love of reading. We will do this by providing engaging lessons that offer a wide range of text types that allow children to read for pleasure and for information. We want our children’s skills in reading to become a vehicle to develop expressive and reflective writers.

  • Our children will access a systematic synthetic phonics programme that will teach them to recognise sounds and their corresponding letters then develop this into the decoding of words. They will learn strategies to segment and blend new and unknown words and those that do not follow known rules.
  • They will become fluent readers who use expression, using their knowledge of grammar and punctuation to support their understanding of what is being read.
  • Our children will be able to understand what they have read and discuss it with confidence, showing secure comprehension skills including inference and deduction.
  • They will be able to explain their preferences, opinions and predictions by referring to what they have read in the text and what they already know.
  • Our children will develop their vocabulary through reading which will support them gaining knowledge across the curriculum.
  • Our classrooms and school environment will reflect a love of reading. Our children will see themselves and others as readers, they will see the adults in school as readers.
  • Our whole class reading lessons will involve high quality, engaging texts that allow children to develop their skills while enjoying the text and participating in discussions and/or reading aloud.
  • We will provide enrichment opportunities to develop our children’s love of reading, inviting authors into school, taking part in local initiatives and running book clubs.
  • We want our children to try hard in their reading and enjoy the challenge of reading harder texts, embracing different text types and enjoy wider reading.
  • We want them to develop knowledge and tolerance of other traditions and cultures and show empathy and respect for different points of view.
  • Our children will take pride in their work, try hard in their lessons and take responsibility for looking after books in and around school.
  • Our children will be confident readers who are keen to have a go and not afraid to make mistakes. They will enjoy opportunities to read alone, read with others and read to others.
  • They will be resilient when faced with challenge and aspire to read more widely, gaining confidence as they do so.