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At Thorpe Primary School our vision for music is to develop creativity, confidence and emotional well-being. We want children to be exposed to and learn to love different styles of music to engage and inspire them. We also aim to help the children to develop a critical engagement with music allowing them to compose, and listen with discrimination.


Through our teaching in music, we want to enable children to perform, compose and evaluate in line with the KS1 and KS2 National Curriculum. It is important that the children’s confidence is built up to give them the ability to perform in small groups and eventually to larger ones, using their voices or instruments. As they progress through school, composing becomes an important element of their musical education, allowing them to express their own ideas and creativity. From there, it is vital that children are also able to evaluate their own work and that of others, highlighting their own preferences and unique style. We continually strive to create opportunities for every child to access a range of musical outlets, encouraging children to push themselves to access new experiences.


Useful links

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