Thorpe Primary School

Where we all can shine

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Dolphin Lane, Thorpe, Wakefield,
West Yorkshire, WF3 3DG


At Thorpe Primary School, our vision for Personal, Social, Health and Education (PSHE) is to develop as individuals and as members of a community as well as understanding others around us, which is in line with the the school’s vision of supporting students to be resilient, enquiring, successful and confident . We want children to learn how to be accepting and equip children with the abilities to live a safe and healthy life. We strive to create opportunities for children to grow and be responsible for their choices.  


At Thorpe, children’s personal development is a fundamental aspect of learning and we want to enable children to develop their own values, attitudes and feelings and explore the (sometimes conflicting) values they experience now and in the future. Our curriculum offers a broad range of opportunities matched to individual needs, interests and aspirations with progression pathways that will lead to further education and employment. . Most of all, we want the children to gain self- esteem in a happy and caring environment. We believe the teaching and learning of PSHE supports and upholds this vision.


We believe that PSHE cannot exist in isolation. Therefore at Thorpe Primary School, the scheme of work for PSHE provides a developmental programme that both consolidates and further extends existing knowledge, skills and understanding. We also ensure we make links to our local community and explore a wide range of social, moral and cultural areas.


The PSHE programme is reviewed and evaluated regularly to ensure provision is relevant, up-to-date and of the highest quality. Our 3 core themes:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Living in the wider world


 We ensure that all children are able to access lessons in PSHE through careful planning, differentiation and support. We use reflection and questioning to check progress and identify children who are performing well and require further challenge and guided group intervention for children who are not meeting curriculum objectives within PSHE.