Thorpe Primary School

Where we all can shine

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Dolphin Lane, Thorpe, Wakefield,
West Yorkshire, WF3 3DG

School Council


Our 'School Council' consists of pupils from Yrs 1-6 and they act as a link between the children and the Senior Leadership Team.

All team members ensure that the children in the school are listened to.

Personal Qualities of Team Members:

1.     Impartial

2.     Reliable

3.     Responsible

4.     Friendly and approachable

5.     Good listeners

6.     Honest and sensible

7.     Hardworking

8.     Able to uphold and demonstrate the school's positive values 

9.     Organised


Some of the tasks they undertake:


1.     Attending meetings

2.     Listen to the views and opinions of others and effectively communicate these in meetings 

3.     Strive to make the school a better place

4.     Collect the view points of pupils

5.     Have special responsibility for something important in the school

6.     Work in collaboration with the Senior Leadership Team  to audit and improve areas of the              school