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What is Enrichment? 

Enrichment is a term used to describe all the extra learning opportunities your child receives at school.

Enrichment activities are an important part of your child's education, but don't necessarily need to be linked to the school curriculum. They are designed to expand the children's skills and learning experiences beyond the classroom and can take many forms such as school trips, sports events, theme days, school clubs etc.

Why is Enrichment Important?

Enrichment activities give children new experiences and the opportunity to extend their learning. They also make school life a lot more enjoyable. They can also help children to develop life skills that will be helpful when they are older such as teamwork and resilience, and give them a chance to discover more about their passions and interests.

Cross Country Competition

KS2 Carol Concert 2022

KS1 Nativity 2022

Year 6 Egyptian Theme Day 

Christmas Dinner 2022

Halloween Disco 2022