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Nursery Amber Class

If parents or carers wish to request a change to their child's current nursery hours from 15 hours to 30, a formal request needs to be made by sending an email to

                       Welcome to the class page for Nursery!

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Meet the nursery team!


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At Thorpe Primary school, we are proud to offer a stimulating, engaging and caring nursery environment for the children to begin their education. Through thoughtful planning, we offer the children opportunities to explore, discover and learn through indoor and outdoor provision. Our ultimate goal is for children to thrive and develop a lifelong love of learning so they are prepared for the next stage of their education.  We aim to create an environment that feels safe and to build trusting relationships; this is done through parent partnerships and planning based on the children's needs and interests, as well as putting the child's voice at the heart of what we do. We want the children to feel confident to develop their own skills, build independence and resilience and understand how to respect the world around us. As passionate professionals, we support children by providing rich learning experiences, extending their learning and capturing magical moments.


Class information

A PE specialist attends on a Tuesday and Thursday to provide 'Kidnetics' for the children. We do not require children to attend school in a PE kit as we only take our shoes and socks off! Please practise this skill at home to help your child be as independent as possible!


Please remember to bring raincoats, wellies and other suitable items of clothing for the different weathers, thank you.

Please remember sign up to your child's tapestry and Dojo account! Thank you!

Early Years Curriculum

At Thorpe Primary school, we are passionate about creating lifelong learners who are resilient, engaged and motivated about finding out new information and challenging themselves. We also teach them to follow the whole school 'T.R.Y' ethos. We are keen for children to develop their understanding of the world around them through play. Play is an incredibly important part of child development as children can consolidate, discover and learn through it in an enjoyable and fascinating way. In Nursery and Reception, we follow a curriculum that considers the 'whole child' in their learning and development. This includes the following areas of learning:

The prime areas are:                                                                                The specific areas are:

Communication and language                                                                 Literacy

Personal, social emotion development                                                   Mathematics

Physical development                                                                               Understanding the world

        Expressive arts and design. 


Prime Areas 3-4 Year olds

Specific Areas 3-4 Year olds

If you would like to know more about this, please feel free to ask one of the EYFS staff members.

EYFS Virtual Tour

We change our provision based on our children's interest and also for any festivals or celebrations that are happening to teach them about the world through their play. We like children to be fascinated and captivated by their learning experiences in nursery so that they are engrossed in what they are doing and therefore learn in a deep and meaningful way. We want the children to thrive and therefore encourage independence. At the heart of all of what we do is communication. We want children to be exposed to new language through stories, investigations, trips and experiences, role-play activities, through their imaginative play and more! New language can be learnt everywhere from learning the words to describe capacity in the water tray to learning how to use story language with our puppet show. Our children's well-being is so important to us, too, which is why we use their interests to guide their learning in nursery. If you would like to know more about how we do things in nursery, please ask one of the nursery staff team!

Phonics Workshop (18.10.21)

Phonics in Nursery - A parents guide to early reading.

Please see below the presentation around early reading, aimed at nursery aged children. If you have any questions at all then please do ask Mrs Stephenson or any other Early Years staff member about what Phase One Phonics entails and how we teach it at Thorpe Primary School.