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Our Curriculum 

KS1 Curriculum Overview

LKS2 Curriculum Overview

UKS2 Curriculum Overview

At Thorpe Primary School our curriculum is designed to: inspire lifelong learning by unlocking potential and removing barriers for our children. We aim to provide opportunities for all children to develop as independent, resilient, confident and successful learners with high aspirations who know how to make a positive contribution to their community and the wider society. Our families come from a range of backgrounds with many having lived in the area for decades and several generations attending Thorpe Primary school. There is also a lot of new housing in the area with families who have relocated from other parts of Leeds or of the UK and further afield. Our curriculum has been designed to give all of our children equality of experience and opportunity, regardless of their background or starting point.


Our curriculum is planned in discrete subjects over a two year cycle in each phase. Our focus on curriculum development promotes teaching and learning experiences which are always carefully designed to ensure coverage and progression against the national curriculum objectives. We strive to create opportunities for children to challenge themselves in our setting and to develop confidence and improve their levels of self –esteem. We aim to teach children how to co-operate with each other and how to work successfully as part of a group. We set high expectations in order for them to learn rules and establish boundaries and reach their full potential in each subject area.    A strong programme is in place to enhance the children’s opportunities in physical activity and the arts. This provides pupils with memorable experiences & development of resilience and confidence, creating diverse and rich opportunities from which children can learn and develop a range of transferable skills.   


Subject leaders play an important part in the success of the curriculum by leading a regular programme of monitoring, evaluation and review where impact and outcomes for all children are always central. A clear vision for each subject is in place which promotes a highly inclusive environment where learners enjoy their education and pupils at all levels are helped to achieve their potential. Children are carefully monitored each half term and both support and further challenge offered to those pupils who are identified. Signposting to exit routes is a recognised strength of the curriculum at Thorpe and parents and carers are made aware of opportunities outside of school, in the wider community, to widen children’s experiences and promote the further development of their interests and skills.


Thorpe is a highly inclusive environment, with 23% of children on roll receiving funding for SEND. Pupils with additional needs access the main curriculum at Thorpe and also a separate ‘life skills’ curriculum, which is carefully planned to personalise their education against Bsquared and personal EHCP targets.


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