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Welcome to our EYFS and KS1 Home Learning Page

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Home Learning Tips

Try to keep to a routine

Children need structure, so keeping to a routine will make learning at home much easier and children won't feel like this time away from school is just an extended holiday.  

Try to limit time on tablets, phones and TV

Social distancing means we will be reliant on virtual means of communicating and keeping in touch, but being over-reliant on screen time can have a negative effect on physical and mental health. Keep activities as varied as possible. 

Learning should be fun

Literacy and numeracy are important, but activities don't just have to be English and Maths based. Why not try baking, painting or go in the garden or yard if you have one? 

Read every day

Encourage as much reading as possible, whether it's reading to themselves a parent or a sibling, reading anything counts. 

Don't overdo it

The younger the child the less time they can sit and learn so factor in lots of breaks, creative activities and exercise. 

Prioritise your child's well-being

Learning activities during this time are important, but their physical and mental well-being should be the priority. Children learn best when they feel happy, safe and secure and some may find social distancing and isolation hard to cope with.  

Isabelle in Nursery has planted an orange pip.

Jessica in Year 2 has used an image from Pobble365 to write a story.

Leo in Reception has been excavating dinosaur bones in his garden!

Sonny in Year 1 has been planting potatoes.

Archie in Year 2 has been learning about the human body.

Isla in Year 1 has created this masterpiece with her family. 

"Salt dough moulds with our hands to remind us of the "lockdown". Isla then painted them to show the different people in our house, Mummy, Daddy, Isla and our dog, Oscar."

Louie in Reception has been practising his Phonics and spelling.

Emmeline in Nursery has been making a beautiful butterfly picture.

Lucas in Year 2 has been practising multiplication, division and fractions. 

Stanley in Reception has been keeping in touch with Miss Armstrong.

Cole in Year 1 has had an anatomy lesson and created a polar bear habitat in his living room.

Esmai in Nursery has been doing some Lego maths at home.

Summer in Reception has been practising her shape recognition and composing some music on her pot and pan drums.

Millie in Reception has been writing numbers outside.

Lucy in Year 1 and her brother Thomas in Year 2 have been making bugs. 

Charlie in Year 4 and Finn in Year 1 are learning the lyrics of their favourite songs whilst practicing their handwriting, English and music skills. 
"They're loving it at the moment and it's a great bonding time!"  

Haley in Reception and her brother, Sam have been enjoying practising their Phonics at home. They've been doing the ai and ay digraphs today.

Sophia in Year 1 has been incredibly busy; here she is making a cake, building a den and painting a picture!

Emily in Year 1 has been using food items to represent 2 digit numbers.