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Virtual Lessons


Here you can find virtual lessons for each phase, keep checking back as the page is being updated all the time.

Key Stage 2 

Wednesday 29th April

Year 3 Multiplication and Division with Miss Aird.

Tuesday 28th April

Year 3 Column Addition and Subtraction with Miss Aird.

Monday 20th April

UKS2 Fraction and Percentage Equivalents with Miss Ainsworth.

Friday 27th March

Miss Ainsworth brings you a virtual English Lesson on how to create an advertisement.

Key Stage 1

Monday 4th May

Miss Warner models a letter formation lesson.

Monday 27th April 

Virtual Phonics Lesson with Miss Warner.


Friday 24th April

Phase 4 Tricky Words with Miss Dean.

Monday 20th April

Mrs Nichols brings Year 2 an introduction to Fractions.

Sunday 5th April

Year 1 place value with Miss Warner.

Friday 03 April 2020

Mrs Hudson talks Phase 5 sounds. Don't worry, we've not missed a stage, Phase 4 Phonics is all about consolidating and improving existing phoneme knowledge so there are no new sounds.

Friday 27th March

Mrs Hudson talks about how we teach phonics phase 3.

Monday 30th March

Mrs Dacre shares a favourite Roald Dahl story.

Early Years and Sparkle

Monday 29th June

Around the World videos

Wednesday 22nd April

Are you sitting comfortably? It's story time with Mrs Hudson.

Tuesday 21st April

Story time with Miss Faulkner as she reads this Julia Donaldson favourite.

Friday 03 April 2020

Phase 3 tricky words with Miss Dean

Thursday 2nd April

As it's Autism Awareness week, check out this cartoon about making friends with a child with Autism.

Friday 27th March

Miss Dean brings you some songs to help with Phase 2 Tricky words. There is a Powerpoint presentation to accompany this video, click here to view it.

Monday 30th March

Mrs Gardner reads her favourite story.