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Welcome to Amber Class

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Our Learning 

Week Beginning 17th September 2018

Our Topic: This is Me!

Communication and Language

Snack time is the ideal time for the children to engage with active speaking and listening. Throughout the week we will be discussing various themes linked to our topic.

  • Who has a brother, what is their name, how old are they?
  • What does my mummy look like?
  • What do you do with your Grandma and Grandad?
  • What does my daddy look like?
  • Who has a sister, what is their name, how old are they?




  • We will be using various equipment to practise balancing, sliding and spinning.
  • Singing and performing the actions to body focused songs   
  • Our hands and fingers will get a fine motor workout when we do dough disco and write dance
  • The large family have a lot of washing and we will be pegging it out to dry on the washing line       


Personal, Social and Emotional

  • Lots of new children will joining our nursery again this week. We will be making them feel welcome, showing them around and helping them to understand our routines



  • We all have name cards in nursery and this week we will practising our name recognition
  • We will be handling books carefully, looking at them independently and re-telling stories in our cosy book area
  • Making marks on paper is important and this week we will be talking about and giving meaning to the marks we make


  • This week we will be using various 2D shapes to make different pictures related to our focus book and our families
  • We will also be investigating the names and properties of some 2D shapes


Understanding the world

  • We will be busy this week exploring natural materials and using them to represent facial features
  • The light box will have lots of gel numbers on it this week. Our challenge will be to recognise the numbers

Expressive Arts and Design

  • We will be using the small world figures to tell stories about our family
  • Dressing up is fun, especially pretending to be the large family
  • We will be using lollipop sticks and different materials to make a representation of our family


Focus Book

Our book this week is 'All in One Piece' by Jill Murphy