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Hate Crime

What is hate crime?

When somebody offends, makes fun of, bullies, puts down or makes someone feel uncomfortable because of:

  • Where they come from
  • Their skin colour, religion or culture
  • A disability/ Illness
  • If they are a girl or boy (gender)
  • Who they choose to like/be friends with
  • What someone looks like

This also includes children who are less fortunate than you or choose to live their life a different way to you.


What do we want?

  • Everyone to be friendly, caring and kind to all children and adults.
  • People to treat others as they would want to be treated.
  • People to understand and accept that everyone is different and to respect people equally.
  • People not to judge others by way they look, disabilities or their religious beliefs.
  • Everyone to help people feel that they fit in at our school and feel safe, comfortable and happy instead of feeling sad and wanting to leave.
  • See the whole school and playgrounds as a place free from hate crime.
  • Warning posters and information leaflets providing help and guidance around school.
  • Regular anti-hate crime assemblies provided by the Senior Leadership Team and the Junior Leadership Team.
  • Leaflets, flyers and support available for everyone, including parents/carers to give guidance.
  • A safe place where pupils can go to calm down.


Hate Crime: What will happen to me?

There should be different ways of dealing with hate crimes, depending on the situation and the feelings of the person who has been upset.

All incidents will be thoroughly investigated by a member of the senior leadership team. A meeting may be held with parents and teachers of both children to discuss the matter- to see it from both sides.

People who behave in a hateful way to others will be spoken to about their behaviour in a calm but firm way and be encouraged to think about their actions and the reasons for them; this should happen separately from any discussions with the person who has been upset.

  • Name calling: You will be spoken to by an adult, who will ask you where you got this name from. An incident form will be filled in and kept on record. The adult involved will decide if the matter should be taken further; parents will be informed.
  • Being mean to someone because of their culture, skin colour, religion, gender, disability, sexuality or where they are from: You will be spoken to by the leadership team and your teacher will be informed. An incident form will be filled in and kept on record. The adult involved will decide if the matter should be taken further; parents will be informed.
  • Getting others to behave in a hateful way: The children involved will be spoken to by the learning mentors and will spend time discussing their behaviour and the reasons for it.
  • Writing things/bringing in material/ telling jokes that are hurtful: The writing/items will be taken away by a teacher, who will speak to the child’s parents. The items will be given to the parents. An incident form will be completed and kept on record.

Anyone who is made to feel unhappy or uncomfortable because of hate crimes can talk to an adult about it. They are allowed to choose an adult, that they feel safe and comfortable with, to talk to as soon as possible after an incident has happened. If anyone does not want to tell an adult themselves about something that is upsetting them, they can write this on a Gem and post in the box on the Learning Mentor wall in the library, or ask someone to do it for you.


Important things to remember:

Before you act, think about how you would feel if someone said or did unkind things to you.


  • If you are not sure if someone will be upset by something, don’t say it!!
  • Not all fighting is a hate crime, but all fighting is unacceptable.
  • Falling out with your friends does not always mean it is hate crime.

If you are ever unsure about this, please come and see a Learning Mentor.

Always tell an adult if you see or hear a hate crime.