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As from September 2018 Swimming will be on Mondays and indoor PE lessons will take place every Tuesday. 

Spring 2  

Wonderful World

What makes something alive?




In English we will be starting with the ‘Just So ‘ Rudyard Kipling's books. We will  be immersing ourselves in the stories and practising our inferencing skills. We will then write our own ‘Just So’ stories by choosing a different animal and writing a story about how they developed a particular feature. After, we will read Flanimals by Ricky Gervais. Using this very different ‘non-fiction’ text, we will then be writing our own adverts using persuasive language and key grammatical features. We will also be writing persuasive letters to Mrs Park to try and convince her to adopt a flanimal



Maths—Fractions and decimals

We will develop our knowledge of fractions further, learning how to recognise and find equivalent fractions, how to find fractions of amounts and how to add and subtract fractions. Then, using the context of money, we will learn more about decimals. This will include rounding decimals to the nearest whole, adding and subtracting. Finally we will learn the link that fractions and decimals have.

Science, Theme:

This term our theme is a science theme. We will be looking at animals and their habitats. We will look closer at the way we can group and categorise different living things, including looking at classification keys. We will look at the local environment and the different animals and living things that are living there. There will also be opportunity to look at the dangers different habitats pose to living things and how these environments are  changing because of humans.

As another part of this theme, we will be looking at the human body, the digestive system and teeth. Finally, we will have a look at food chains, identifying the producers, predators and prey



In PSHE we will learning why self-esteem is so important and what makes us special. We will think about what our strengths are, how we can care and help our friends and how we can stick up for ourselves in a positive way.


Swimming will continue in to Spring 2 for Year 4; Monday afternoons will be our swimming sessions.

In indoor PE: Netball




 In Music we will be experimenting with body percussion! Using movement and sound, we will create our own body percussion dance and then preform it to each other.

Religious Education

Our question we will be answering in RE is ' What makes the Prophet Muhammad an inspirational Leader for Muslims.'