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From the 8th June, our home learning is going to slightly change again (but not too much I promise!). At school, key worker KS2 children will now be grouped together so to support that class, KS2 teachers are providing similar lesson topics and activities but which are differentiated for our year group. That way our children learning from home and learning from school are getting the same activities and the teachers in school can do the same topics for different year groups. 

There is now daily work for English / Guided reading with resources. The whole of KS2 is now doing the same text ' The Explorer', so if you have a sibling in KS2 you can support each other and share that text together :-). 

There is also a presentation for Maths which has daily tasks on in. You will need to choose your working level and complete the questions and challenges.

The afternoon activities are still the same and we are still using the activity web. Years 3,4 and 5 all have the same topic  'the environment'  but with activities that suit us.

Again, this is all still optional and how / when you complete the tasks is up to you. You do not need to stick completely to the timetable or activities. 

If you have  questions about the weekly timetable or home learning, please message me on class dojo. 


Summer Term 2 : Week 7 Activity Web



Summer Term: Home learning resources 

W/C 13th July

 Just for fun!

The big picture quiz (just make sure you click slide show and then from beginning otherwise it doesn't work)

Escape room (Grammar based) 

 Escape Room! Powerpoint

Escape Room Clues

Escape Room answers

Escape room recording document


Escape the beach hut! (Maths based) 

Escape the beach hut! Powerpoint

Escape the beach hut clues

Escape the beach hut answers

Escape the beach hut recording sheet


Mystery Maths... Can you be a detective and solve the mystery? 

The Monkey Mystery 

Theft at the carnival! 

Pirate Captain's retirement loot. 

(Pirate captain answers)




W/C 6th July

Maths - Division 

English - Chapter 5

Spelling - How many compound words can you think of? E.g sun + flower = sunflower

Grammar Glossary (To support English) 

Travel Kids:  Lovely resource packs for lots of different countries 


Geography - European Flag quiz

Geography - European Flag naming activity 


Virtual Sports day!!

Sports day activities 

On Tuesday 7th July we will be taking part in a virtual sports day. The results and instruction video for the list of challenges below will go live in the morning and we have until Wednesday at 12.00pm to submit our scores. We will be representing Thorpe Primary School (Thorpe Primary Chargers) and Leeds against other schools in West Yorkshire. There are prizes for teamwork, passion and achievement. We have to accumulate as many points as we can! Good luck! I will send through more information as I receive it. 
(The links won't go live until Tuesday morning. At the moment a 'page now closed' message appears)


W/C 29th June

Maths - Multiplication

English = Chapter 4

Spelling - Singular and Plural activity. Can you find spelling words that match?

Grammar Glossary (To support English) 

First News comprehension - (This will be coming Monday afternoon as the site is currently down)

First News crossword 

 Wow PE challenge cards

Travel Kids:  Lovely resource packs for lots of different countries 





W/C 22nd June 

Optional timetable

Maths - Subtraction

New mental maths tests (6 tests)

English 22.06  Chapter 3

First News comprehension 22.06

First News Crossword 22.05


W/C 15th June 

Optional Timetable

Maths - Addition

New mental maths tests (6 tests)

English - Chapter 2

First News comprehension 15.06

First News Crossword 15.06

The Explorer extract ( Please read chapter 2  on Monday and then look at the work on the slide)


French Colour support sheet

Wow PE challenge cards

Influential black men and women information texts






Past Learning Resources

Activity webs 


    Maths Home Learning

    This week I want you to practice using the inverse operation to check that + and - calculations are right and to solve missing number problems. If you want a reminder on this, please click the youtube video link in on the web. Try the below activities. If you are done, why not try writing your own + or - question, and then completing the inverse to see if you were correct?



      Useful websites and online resources 


      English and Guided Reading Home Learning



      Useful websites and online resources


      Foundation Subject Resources 



      Home learning Advice and Support 


      Class Dojo 

      Welcome to Class Dojo, our virtual classroom! This is how I am currently communicating with children and parents. Click the link below to help you login and get all set up. If you are not yet set up, the current code is : YVJ GXF

      Class Dojo login data 


      Purple Mash

      I will add 'to do's' on Purple Mash each week. Children can complete these tasks online and submit to me to mark. Children should know their login and password but if not, please message me on dojo and I can get the information to you. 

      We now also have access to 'Serial Mash' which are online books for children complete with comprehension tasks.

      Serial Mash parent guidance 


      Adult Support 

      Below are helpful links and websites to support you. 


      General learning ideas