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Our PE dates are :

Indoor lessons Friday

Outdoor lessons Wednesday

Remember to read 3 times a week and hand your reading record in everyday!

Homework is to be handed in every Wednesday!

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Spring 1               How does the World Work?

Gems of the week:



This term we will be reading ‘Cogheart. We will look at how technology influences the world and learning debate techniques to argue whether robots should be treated as equals.

We will also be writing explanation texts and looking at different non-fiction pieces that link to Isaac Newton.

Furthermore, we will be writing instructions that will link to our Art and Design Project.


This half term we will continue to look at area and perimeter before moving on to fractions, decimals and percentages. We hope our assertive mentoring sessions will help us with this detailed topic. 

Once we complete decimals we will compare fractions and decimals to percentages and work out the links between the three.


Our Theme this half term is Gravity and forces. This theme is going to be mostly Science based with some aspects of History,

We will be looking at Isaac Newton and his theory, as well as discussing different forces .


This half term our indoor PE session  is gymnastics, which will take place on Friday afternoon. Last half term we struggled to complete our hockey sessions so we will be carrying it on this half term.  The weather is still cold so make sure appropriate kit is in school on a Tuesday.


We will be combining music and French this half term. We will be looking at labelling the parts of your body in French and discussing our opinions on different topics.


Most of our afternoons will involve Science!

We will start the half term discussing what Gravity is and who thought of the Theory. We will then move on to look at forces in the air, water and friction.

Art and Design Technology


Year 5 will be designing Balloon cars in our Theme lessons this half term. We will be testing how they move on different surfaces and discussing why some materials are better than others.

We will also be creating parachutes and looking at surface area and air resistance.



Computing this half term will involve lots of Research, as our theme is quite tricky.  We will use our computing skills to research forces and key scientists. We will also design a powerpoint to show the models we have created in theme.

Religious Education

In RE we will be making links between the different religions and showing how each expects its followers to show compassion. We will discuss what makes followers of each religion happy.