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Monday afternoon is our indoor PE day and Thursday is our outdoor PE day. Please bring both kits each week.


 w/b: 15/22.4.19


In English the children have been very excited to start work on their new story, 'Beegu'.  Making predictions and describing the characters, giving their own opinions and idea. We have been focusing on making sentences super, with full stops, capital letters and using phonics for spellings.  We have been adding conjunctions to make our sentences even better.  



Where can we go next?

Explorer Day was huge success...we had some very authentic explorers and they children had a wonderful time exploring the Moon, Australia, Antarctica and South America. They worked really hard doing lots of different activities and having lots of fun along the way!!


Where can we go next?


Our focus texts this half term are Beegu and The Great Explorer. We will be using these texts to write letters and non-chronological reports focusing on the use of capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and phonics to spell. We will be incorporating the use of conjunctions in our writing and beginning to write question sentences, punctuating our work with question marks. We will also be using capital letters for proper nouns and looking at the suffixes –ing, -ed, -er and –est, discussing the spelling rules used to add these suffixes to words.



In history we will be looking at famous explorers such as Christopher Columbus, James, Cook, Neil Armstrong and Robert Falcon-Scott. We will discuss the differences and similarities in the experiences of these explorers and how their expeditions changed our understanding of the world. We will also look at the chronology of the historical periods in which the explorers lived and recall some key findings of these momentous expeditions.   



Gymnastics (equipment - discovering landing)

We will explore dynamic balance, climbing at different levels, on equipment, in general space and in different directions.

 Athletics (track)

We will be developing our speed and stamina through different track events such as short and long distance running, hurdles and relay races.



This half term we will be creating Native American and Aboriginal art using a range of media and various elements including line, shape, colour and texture.



This half term we will be exploring the music of Native American and Aboriginal cultures. We will be listening to these different forms of music and using instruments to create, select and combine sounds using the dimensions of music.



Number – Place value, addition & subtraction

We will be developing our place value knowledge using numbers up to 100, counting forwards and backwards and learning to count, read and write numbers to 100. We will then apply this understanding in our work on calculation by adding and subtracting one-digit and two-digit numbers to 20.

Measurement - Length/Height

We will compare, describe and solve practical problems for lengths and heights e.g. long/short, longer/shorter, double/half, incorporating our estimation skills to help us compare different ,measurements.