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As from September 2017 Swimming will be on Mondays and indoor PE lessons will take place every Tuesday. 

Autumn 1   

Were the Pharaohs Fair?


Our key text this half term will be The Egyptian Cinderella, a twist on a classic fairy tale. We will be learning about the features of fairy tale stories with the expectation that we will then write our own narrative fairy tales.

We will continue to work on the features we have already learnt whilst improving our spelling, our sentence structure and taking a closer look at perfect present verbs.


We will start Year 4 looking at number and place value including recognising the place value of each digit in a 4 digit number, rounding to the nearest 10 or 100 and ordering and comparing numbers over 1000. We will also look at Roman Numerals. We will then look at addition and subtraction; adding and subtracting numbers with up to 4 digits. We will look at the process of estimating and using the inverse.


This term we will be learning about electricity. Year 4 will learn to identify what uses electricity and how to construct simple electrical circuits. We will learn about series circuits and how different combinations will effect whether a bulb works. Finally we will look at what makes a good insulator and conductor. 


Our topic this half term is the Ancient Egyptians. We will be looking at how the Egyptians set up their civilisation and its importance in the wider world. We will also look at how this civilisation expanded and their particular achievements. We will research the different gods and how significant they were to their way of life; as well as how important the pharaohs were.


As part of our physical education, we will be having swimming lessons at Morley Leisure Centre.

In our PE sessions, we will be consolidating skills we have learned in gymnastics and football and learning new ones.


In Computing we will be practising our research skills by thinking about the key words we need to enter when searching. We will use this to help investigate more about our theme and our science topics. We will practise using simple computer software and improving our typing skills.


 In French we will be recapping our previous learning on days of the week and numbers 1-10. We will then be learning numbers above 10 and learning about Paris.

Religious Education

In RE, we will be looking at how faith affects family life in relation to Christianity, Islam and Judaism.