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Welcome to Ruby Class

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As from September 2017 Swimming will be on Mondays and indoor PE lessons will take place every Tuesday. 

WC: 19.03.18


This weeks Gems are; Isla

Resilient Rex; Naa


Home work star; Becca



Our new Theme this term is;

'Does the perfect place exist?'

To link our Theme with our English we are going to be looking at 'perfect places', We are doing this by looking at different travel brochures and different holiday destinations to figure out what our own idea of a perfect place would look like. We will also be looking at the different features of persuasive writing e.g. rhetorical questions, emotive language, adjectives, layout and the way pictures are used all to interest some body to go on a holiday.

At the end of this topic we will be creating our own perfect place and creating our own brochures persuading people to travel to our perfect place :).




This term in Maths we are looking at decimals! We have been looking how to represent decimal numbers in different ways using our knowledge of fractions as well e.g. 0.7, 7/10, 70/100. 

We are also looking at how to place a decimal number on a number line. It is very tricky but we are really enjoying it :).





Our new theme this term is all about;

'Does the perfect place exist?'

This theme is going to involve lots of work involving Geography, we're really looking forward to finding out more!





Science: In Science this term we are looking at;

'Living things and Their Habitats' 


We will be looking closely at Mammals, Arthropod, Amphibians, Fish, Birds, Reptiles and Insects.



 Spelling Rule: Silent N / tricky words

diary, visual, museum, eighth, autumn, column, solemn, gymnast, ingredient, condemn