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Welcome to Ruby Class

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As from September 2017 Swimming will be on Mondays and indoor PE lessons will take place every Tuesday. 

WC: 11.06.18


This weeks Gems are; Leo

Confident Collin; Lilly E


Home work star; Princess



In English we are recapping our skills that we have learn this year! We will be writing a range of different text types such as letters, diary entries, adverts and stories.


Our book that we will be reading for the rest of the year is called 'Moone Boy'.





This term in Maths we are looking at angles! we have learnt about right angles, acute angles, obtuse angles and even reflex angles! We have also looked at the different triangles such as an equilateral triangle, scalene triangle and an isosceles triangle!





Our new Theme this term is;

'Pulleys and Gears - How o they work?'

This term will involve lots of work around forces! Our Theme will involve lots of DT and at the end of the term we are hoping to make our own toy! :)




We only have three weeks left in year 4 before we move up to year 5 with our new teacher Miss Ainsworth!



 Spelling Rule: tricky words

weight, straight, although, bathe, favourite, exclamation, ordinary, ambition, significant, retaliate