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Welcome to Sapphire Class

Miss Aird, Miss Cookman and Mrs Watson

Outdoor PE: Monday

Indoor PE: Tuesday

Ace Club: Tuesday

Craft Club/Board Games: Wednesday

Homework to be handed in by Wednesday.


Please have you reading book in school every day and try to read at least 3 times a week.

If the book is finished, please write in the reading record so it can be changed.


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Do they eat Yorkshire puddings in Cornwall?

Autumn 2



In English, our main narrative text this half term is going to be The Secret Garden. We will work on our descriptive writing and expand our vocabulary. We will be having a big focus on spelling this half term and using the rules we have learnt so far to apply to our writing. We will also explore the different characters from the story and write from their perspective. We will begin to use fronted adverbials to expand our sentences and add detail.

We will be developing our inferencing and retrieval skills by using VIPERS comprehension questions.



This half term we will be continuing to look at formal methods of adding and subtracting, working towards adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers. We will then move on to multiplication and division, learning the 3, 4 and 8 times table. We will use formal written methods and pictorial methods to do this. We will continue to work on our mental methods. to help us in all areas of maths.



This half term is focusing on our home county of Yorkshire. We will be learning about the different cities that situate themselves in Yorkshire and identify the key physical and human features that are around us. Using our maths knowledge, we will be conducting fieldwork and drawing maps, making observations and geographical features and measuring and recording our findings. We will also use our directional knowledge to navigate using compass points. We will also look at some Yorkshire artists such as David Hockney, and continue honing our drawing skills by re-creating some of their pictures.


Forces and Magnets

This half term we will be looking at forces—pushes, pulls and different speeds.

When looking at magnets, we will discover the different poles and begin to understand which materials are magnetic, which aren’t and why.

We will also conduct investigations in to how different objects move on different surfaces.


In Computing, we will look at coding using a programme called Scratch. We will look at trying to ‘debug’ a programme and spot our own errors in our instruction writing.


Religious Education

This half term, Year 3 will continue to look at Christianity; in particular the importance of the Bible. We will look at some of the teachings from the Bible and how these help Christians to live their lives. We will also start to make links between these and other holy books such as the Tenakh and the Qur’an.


Physical Education

Outdoor PE:  Hockey (Tuesdays).

Indoor PE:  Gymnastics this half term (Mondays).


In music, we will continue to look at different genres of music to expand our knowledge. We will also begin to use the glockenspiels and look at formal written musical notation.


We will re-cap our greetings and how to ask how some one is. After focusing on animals last half term, we will now be looking at numbers and colours, before putting all our practise into some sentences.