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Our PE dates are :

Indoor lessons Friday

Outdoor lessons Wednesday

Remember to read 3 times a week and hand your reading record in everyday!

Homework is to be handed in every Wednesday!

WC: 14.05.18


The gem this week is Mikey for his positive attitude and resilience all week. Homework star is Hannah for baking a delicious and amazing rocket cake!

In English this week we have started our new book "Phoenix" which links into our theme work about space. We have made inferences about the text and predicted what the Astrolabe might be. We have also created a Facebook bio for the Greek God Astraeus (god of dusk.)


In Maths this week we have been looking at adding and subtracting decimals within 1. We have also looked at compliments to 1.


We have had started our new topic "Does the universe end?". We have started to design our own Peter Thorpe spaceship paintings.


In Science this week we have experimented with insulating materials. Seeing which material keep ice cubes coldest for the longest period of time.

 Spellings 18.05.18

cousin, recycle, curious, believe, furniture
receive, innocent, government, minuscule, delicious